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My name is James and I live in the North East of England.
Most of my music has been made for certain web-based forums where I am usually know as offthewall.

My aim is to be able to give my invited guests the means to listen to, and download, a selection of my musical ramblings.
My first outing into this strange world of home studio, computer based, recording was in 2006 when my youngest daughter, Lilah Grace, talked me into doing an evening course to learn the penny-whistle. This was, in hindsight, the best thing that ever happened to me. It brought me back, after many years, into the world of making music.
That course led me into another short version of ‘music technology’ which helped me to understand what could be achieved with the home PC.
I started recording my attempts at composition and happened upon two web based music forums, KVR and Kara-moon, which both had monthly ‘contests’ where the members would submit a song made to a theme and time limit each month.
This turns out to be a wonderful tool for inspiration. To have to compose a piece in a style or format which is alien to your natural instinct is a remarkable thing.  
That is how it all began.
These pages will show you how it has progressed.  Everything I have done, since then, has been recorded as it was at the time. I have often threatened to go back to things and re-record them, or tidy them up, but never got round to it. There is always another month to write for.  So, what you hear is what happened at the time. Hopefully the listener will notice an improvement, both in composition skills and in technical attributes.   
In addition to these albums is a personal tribute to a dear friend.  
We worked together, musically, for almost three years. Me in the north-east of England and him in Oklahoma USA. This is the magic of the world wide web, that we can communicate and share our music in this way.
From the outset we had an affinity with each other. It transpired that we were the same age (only one week between us) and had similar musical backgrounds.
My ‘brother’ Wyatt (real name Kevin Parks) died in April 2010 from cancer of the throat. I promised his wife, Louise, that I would publicise our collection of songs made during those three years.      
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Site fully updated November 2019
Links added
The more recent updates have added a link to my YouTube Channel ... where all will be revealed, my friends ... being able to see how it all fits together as a one-man-band, and that which showcases some of the work I have recently been doing with others over at
This is a site specially dedicated to musicians who wish to share their work with each other through collaboration. Click the link to get to my personal page over there.
There are now many more new songs available at the SOUNDBLEND link.
Please get in touch and give your opinions, or ask any questions about compositions or techniques.
When you listen to these offerings I would be truly grateful for any comments or opinions, good or bad!
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I give to you, here, an opportunity to listen to and download my musical collections.

From the first album, where I can be seen taking the first tentative steps in the world of composition and home recording, through to the fourth where I would hope that some progress can be noticeable.
Along the way there are diversions in the form of Elderly Brothers and Kara-moon Collective.
This progress comes smack up to date with the most recent discovery of the greatest on-line musical collaboration site that there is.

Enjoy, and give me some feedback.
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Note: for those using smartphones/tablets. I don’t have the expertise to make things accessible 
but any links to Kompoz and Soundblend will take you to where you can play my music. 
If streaming player doesn’t work downloads still will.